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We have ISO-9001 quality certificate since 1996 and ISO-14001 environment certificate since 1998. We have, among other things, a 3-D measuring machine, form measuring machine as well as equipment for magnaflux and ultrasound inspection.

Quality is a main priority in our company and it is incorporated in every stage of the work process.




Quality and its continuous development are the most important things to achieve our target to be world leading supplier of our main products; piston pins, rollers for injection pumps and valve lifters and bearing parts for the camshafts.

Our target is that our customers can trust us, our products, our services and the way we deal with environmental issues.

We want our company to be economically sound and profitably growing. Only with a good economical result we can ensure the development the company and make necessary investments. 

To achieve a better profitability with less impact on our environment our target is: to develop the internal and external activities in our company considering the environment around us.

Our professional staff clarifies the technical requirements in the orders and take responsibility for the quality of the products and services throughout the manufacturing process. The environmental- and health and safety issues are always considered. Through continuous training, development of working methods and improving all activities we ensure that we can comply with existing and new requirements concerning quality, environment and health and safety issues. 

Our choice of sub-suppliers is always based upon the supplier’s ability to produce the quality needed. We assure this capability through reviews and audits if necessary. Quality requirements are communicated in each purchase order.

Our environmental issues concern mainly treatment of waste and consumption of energy. The focus is on risk analysis, preventive actions and training where the most important issues are that we are ready to act also in possible critical situations.

Health and safety issues are important to us and we strive to make our work environment as safe as possible in all respects, both physically and mentally.

Quality, environmental and Health and Safety issues are regularly reviewed in our Management team and actions are taken whenever necessary. 

The management of our company is committed to provide sufficient means to comply with the quality- environmental- and health and Safety requirements in all activities throughout the process. The levels of compliance in our activities are continuously reviewed through internal audits.